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Get you entries in now for the 2018 Waikato A&P Show

Waikato A&P Equestrian Schedule
Equestrian Entry Form

New NZSBA Conditions for Standardbred

  1. All horses must carry an offical Harness Racing Brand.
  2. Horses age of 1st August.
  3. Height Certificates to be carried if classes are defined by height.
  4. Novice Horses this section must be shown in a snaffle bridle.
  5. Novice Performance cards to be carried & documented.


Measuring dates for September 2018:

  • 1-3pm, Saturday 1st 
  • 1-3pm, Wednesday 12th
  • 1-3pm, Sunday 23rd

Appointments must be made with Jim Keyte, please email keytejb@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your name, address & mobile number
  • Number of measures to be done – New, Re measure or Life
  • Your preferred date & time

No appointment = no measure. If any further measures are required, they will need to be by special appointment.

Please be sure to bring height certificate for remeasures. No certificate = no measure.

For further information please phone Jim Keyte 027 276 0464 or email keytejb@gmail.com or download more here.

Measuring address: Gate 4, Brooklyn Rd, Claudelands, Hamilton.


Life Measure: $76.00
New Measure: $31 All ages.
Re-Measure: $21
Youngstock Re-Measure (under 3yrs): $11
Replacement Certificate: $76 (must obtain from RAS Head Office)
Special Measures: May incur an extra fee, please contact Jim to discuss.


  • All horses to be presented in bridle and bit with the bit connected to the bridle except for miniatures.
  • Half a centimetre will be deducted from height if horse has shoes on.
  • Shoes must be removed for a Life Measure and Certificate to be pre-signed by Vet before measure.
  • Each animal must be nominated for a section i.e. Hack, Park Hack, R.H., Pony, P.S.H.
  • Youngstock (Under 3 years). Measures to 31 January 2018 and 31 July 2018.

Riding Helmet Information

2017 Remit re-Helmets