With a hugely successful 2018 programme, with over 1000 Waikato kids participating, we are pleased to have the programme running Friday 1st November 2019.

So you can register your spot now or please contact Tash on 07 855 7739 or 021 265 2270 for further information.

Check out the Schools Day Out website for more information.


With the Schools Day Out programme children can experience the following:

  • A specially designed Schools Farm Walk, which includes special activities in the concourse, the visit to the Farmyard, and key highlights of the wider A&P Show, including seeing the larger animals
  • A Kids Activity Book is provided to each child, focusing on each livestock section featured at the show and will include a mix of interactive and educational activities.
  • The milkable model cow will be on display and working. She will have a new name by show day and be painted in the winner’s colours from the Colouring Competition.

Our Goal is:

  • For all children who visit to rural/ lifestyle farming, allowing them to live and breath life on the farm with access to real animals, various demonstrations, tours through the animal pens and a chance to talk to farmers about what they do. While having a fun, engaging, and educational time.

We thank everyone for the time and effort put in to making this day special, especially Dave Wilson and volunteers for running the Farmyard and Tash McGowan who runs the School Days Out Programme.


In the main Events Centre building the children will again be able to experience hand weaving and french knitting on large barrels as well as view Educational Trade Stalls, Poultry and Bird displays including hatching chickens in a portable incubator, alpacas, sheep and cattle in their bedding shed being prepared for showing.  They will also be able to see the Kids Ag Club and the Equestrian showing.

Colouring Competition

The Waikato A&P Cow Colouring Competition – enter here. 

Sand Saucer Decorating Competition

Here’s your chance to get really creative with your decorations, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Photography Competition

Have some awesome photographers at your school? Get them involved in this year’s Photography Competition.